Data Security

All information obtained from users and members is stored in high electronic and physical security standards.

It is used only by authorized personnel, but only in a system that can be accessed under the user's approval in case of necessity, within the framework of existing Turkish and international laws.

  • Marie Claire Home website does not disclose personal and sensitive information collected from users under any name, for any reason and without any prior consent of the user,
  • not to share such information with third parties,
  • undertakes and undertakes not to abuse in any way.

100% Secure Shopping with Comodo

Every shopping you make on Marie Claire Home is 100% safe.

  • Our system is protected by the world-renowned security company Comodo 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) within the security of your credit card number outside you can not view, no one can reach.
  • From the moment you enter your credit card number, all information related to your number is encrypted and sent to the bank.
  • It is not possible to view or access your information by 3rd parties including our company.
  • Your card information is only between you and your bank.

It is the users' obligation to store and protect their credit card and personal information from other users around while using the site.