1 - Membership

Do we have to be a member to order?

You must be a member to order. We recommend that you subscribe to order your orders more easily, follow up or cancel them, and get information about the campaigns.

Do you share the information I provide when becoming a member with another organization?

All the information you provide when you become a member is only used by Marie Claire Home and is not passed on to different organizations.

Is shopping with credit card safe?

The credit card information requested on the payment page is not kept on the servers of Marie Claire Home or the companies serving it in order to keep the security of our valued customers at the highest level. This ensures that all transactions for payment take place between the bank and your computer via the Marie Claire Home interface.

2 - Ordering

Which payment types can we place orders? Is there an option to pay at the door?

Currently, you can only create your orders by paying with credit card and BKM Express. We do not have a bank card, wire transfer or door payment system. However, we are working on different payment systems. In case it starts, necessary announcements will be provided from our home page.

Can different credit cards be used for the same basket?

Currently you can only use one credit card for each basket.

It says it's out of stock for the products I throw in the basket. Why can't I get the product in my cart?

There is no waiting time in your shopping cart. If your transactions will take a long time, we recommend that you visit your cart frequently and click the ‘Update Cart’ tab.

My credit card cannot be approved, why?

There are several common reasons for this:

Your credit card may be closed to online transactions and your credit card limit may be insufficient. If you cannot receive the error message as an error message, if you can send your contact information to, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Your credit card may be closed for online purchases. You can find out by calling your bank. Your Internet connection may be interrupted or broken. Please also note that the card you wish to pay should not be a bank account card.

I can't pass the address confirmation page. Am I having a technical problem?

If the Billing and Delivery addresses are not defined, you must define the address to pass this step. You can easily complete your address definition by following the items below. You can add an address by clicking the Ekle Add Address ”button for identification. If you would like to use the address you provided when you became a member as your shipping address and billing address. You can click the "Select as Delivery Address" button next to the address lines. In this step, you have to name the address you entered, such as “My Home Address”, “My Business Address”. If you want the invoice separately from the product, you can click the I want the invoice to a different location from the delivery address, located at the bottom right of the address lines.

If your billing address is to be one of your registered addresses, you can click the "Select as Billing Address" button that appears next to your address lines. If the addresses you want to specify are different from your registered addresses, you can create a new address record by clicking the Add New Address button.

I want my order to be a gift package.

If you want your orders to be made a gift package, you can click on Gift Package Selection at the bottom of the delivery page. When you mark the inside of the rounded space to the left of the resulting gift package image, we will receive your gift package request.

Quilts, large blankets, carpets, furniture, such as large-sized products can not be made gift packages. If the delivery address and invoice address are the same, the gift package is added to your arm and no packaging is made. If your delivery and billing address is different, the products are prepared and packaged and sent to the delivery address. If you have skipped forwarding the gift package request during the creation of your order, you can forward your request through the Ulaş Contact Us ’section of our website or to as long as it still appears as a New Order. In order to avoid confusion, please provide your order number when submitting your requests.

I entered my card information, but the My Orders menu is empty and the products are still in my cart, did my order occur?

The screen where you enter your card information is the Payment Screen and your order does not occur in this order. When you click Continue on this screen, you will be taken to the Order Confirmation screen, but your order has not yet occurred. In order confirmation screen, all your details such as order content, address information, payment information, shipping and gift package options are available for final check. If you do not see any problems by checking, you should click the Confirm Order button below.

When you press the confirmation button on the screen, 'Your order is being created, please wait.' alert will take place. You have to wait before exiting. Your order has been successfully created. Your order number is MCW0000…. ' information message. At this point your order has been made and your payment has been received from your card. Please note your order number and information, inquiry, problem statements, please be sure to specify. Your Order Confirmation Mail will be sent to your e-mail address as well as the My Messages menu within your Membership as an Incoming Message and your order will start to appear in the My Orders menu. No products that are currently visible in the basket have been successfully ordered and paid.

Do you have cargo service abroad?

We currently do not have cargo service abroad. However, we continue to work on the subject, and if our service starts, we will provide announcements from our website.

Which Cargo do you work with?

Your shipments are guaranteed by Aras Kargo. When creating your order, you can choose the company you want to ship in the cargo section.

Is there a corporate invoice application?

Corporate invoice is issued on behalf of the company in your internet shopping.

3 - Order Delivery

How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping is free.

What is the delivery time of Cargo?

Your orders are prepared and delivered to the cargo within 3 working days after your order date.

Weekends and public holidays are not working days. Generally it is delivered to big cities by cargo within 4-6 working days. Outside of the big cities, it is delivered within 4-6 working days up to 600 KM, 6-8 working days up to 1200 KM, and 8-11 working days to areas where Aras Kargo branch is located over 1.200 KM. On the other hand, locations that do not have Aras Cargo branches are delivered on certain days of the week within the routine plans of the relevant cargo company.

I created the order, how do I track it?

You can follow your cargoes from My Orders menu in My Account section. Your order status will be New Order, Order Preparing, Order Prepared and Shipped. When you see it as Shipped, your tracking number will also appear in the Cargo Tracking No field, which is blank until it appears like this.

If you click on your tracking number, you can reach the tracking screen of the cargo company. By taking your tracking number, you can also check directly on the cargo company's website. Whichever company you prefer when you order, your shipment has been made with that company.

There was no bill in my arm.

Invoice delivery is done in a transparent pocket located outside your arm, not inside your arm. It is important that you check all edges before throwing your arm.

4 - Order Cancellation

Can I return my order?

If you have problems with your product after your order is delivered to you, you can return the product.

You can start the return process by filling the return request form that comes with you with your product.

Ensure that the product is not in use and is not deformed when returning the product.

Otherwise the product will be sent back to you.

After the return request is accepted, the total price of the order will be returned to your card.

My order has been canceled, when will my payment be refunded?

When your order status is canceled, your payment will be refunded simultaneously.

5 - Campaign Information

I want / do not want to receive SMS and mail about your campaigns.

If you are a member of our online store, please select the option Marie I consent to Marie Claire Home sending SMS to me kapsamında within the scope of marketing activities related to special discounts and campaigns and various products / services and activities included in your membership information. You can subscribe to our mailing list.

If you are not a member of our online store, you can write to To unsubscribe from SMS, you can click the link in the SMS or send your request to

6 - Contact

Is there a phone number I can reach you for?

You can reach from 0:30 633 24 25 between 08:30 - 18:00 on weekdays. We do not work over the weekend and public holidays. You need to connect to the operator for your internet shopping and internet store requests.

Can I provide transportation outside the phone?

If your requests for information and access are related to your internet shopping; You can reach us in writing from the Communication section and mail address. In order for your transactions to be quick, we kindly ask you to specify your request clearly and if you have an order, please indicate your order number.